AK Lighting & Signs Ltd
Environmental Policy Statement

We at AK (Lighting & Signs) Ltd have made a commitment to ensure that its operations take into account the possible impact on the environment. We will work towards:

  • Preventing Pollution to Land, Air or Water
  • Ensuring that all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulation is applied
  • Reducing Energy Usage by increased Energy Efficiency
  • Using raw materials in a manner that reduces waste
  • Re-using or Recycling Waste when possible
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly materials when appropriate
  • Raising the awareness of staff so that everyone may be involved
  • Engaging openly with, Partners, Trade Associations & Government to share understandings and initiatives
  • Operating the Business in an environmentally sensitive manner

This policy has been approved & authorised by:

Signature: Andy Kay

Postion: Managing Director

Date: 8th April 2013