AK Lighting & Signs Ltd
Durham Cathedral

Client: Durham County Council
Consultant: Stainton Lighting Design Services Ltd
Principal Contractor: AK (Lighting & Signs) Ltd
Value: £300k

As part of the Durham World Heritage Site (which also includes Durham Cathedral), we undertook the Floodlighting Installation of this magnificent building. The installation was undertaken in keeping with the status and in respect of the site. We worked closely with the Cathedral Archaeologists given the nature of the building as the risks of finding artefacts of archaeological significance were high (some excavation works were undertaken with a hand trowel). We also had to endeavour to minimise disruption to the local ecology (bats). The new lighting scheme utilises the latest technologies (LED) and provides both an energy saving and maintenance cost reduction.

For more details please click on the following link, which is a presentation by the designers:- Download

Lux takes a look at how a new LED lighting scheme at Durham Castle and Cathedral has improved the buildings' appearance and slashed energy consumption... watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIqKGFaqAE.